moraito chico

Moraito Chico

Manuel Moreno Junquera, Moraíto Chico (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain, September 13, 1956 - Jerez de la Frontera, August 10, 2011)[1] was a Flamenco guitarist.[2]

He was known as one of the greatest and most in-demand accompanying guitarists of his generation, and was the regular accompanist for José Mercé, Diego Carrasco and other popular flamenco singers. He also played regularly for such stars as La Paquera de Jerez, Camarón de la Isla and Manuel Agujetas. Moraito was particularly renowned for his powerful, full and round sound, driving rhythm and exceptional rasgueos. He was one of the finest exponents of the buleria and can be seen and heard paying in this style on Carlos Saura's influential 'Flamenco' and "Flamenco, Flamenco' films.

He was the nephew of the original Moraíto (Manuel Moreno a.k.a. Manuel Morao), and son of the original Moraíto Chico (Juan Moreno). His son, Diego Del Morao, is one of the best known of the current generation of Flamenco guitarists.

He died on 10 August 2011, after a long struggle with cancer.[3]


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